Day 6- Zion and The Berkeley

Mike awoke to the sound of Paul’s horn blasting again! “If I have to hear that one more time I’m going to…”, Mike let the thought trail off. He pushed down the darkness, held it in his belly, waited for it to pass. The other guys had already packed up and gone for coffee, the bastards were probably trying to escape, he had better get up and follow them before they got any ideas.

After breakfast and espresso the three bs headed into Zion national park.

As the three bikers rode through the dramatic scenery, the red canyon walls rising higher with each mile they rode in the blistering heat, Mike considered his time and place.

“I think he is on to me”, he looked at Paul on the gleaming XR. Mike had made a couple of slips, talking about throwing away babies and cutting their arms off. He was fairly certain that Paul had taken it as a joke but he was watching him. He wasn’t certain the fake speech impediment was fooling him any more.

The old scout master had taught him to hide behind it. “Always be friendly, chat to anyone and everyone, behave the simpleton and they will never suspect your true character”. He remembered the old man who had shown him the secrets to surviving in a world full of ‘normal’ people. He remembered his soft brown eyes looking up at him on his death bed and his curious dying words, “what are you doing in here and why do you have that pillow?”.

After riding through a long, long tunnel, they stripped down and rode the last few miles in t-shirts and no helmet, enjoying the freedom for a few slow miles, they walked down through the canyon and found a cool creek to play in. Mike could feel Kris watching him. That guy, he would have to watch him, too, always whining about his hernia.

In the parking lot, an old guy, a Harley rider, approached Mike and started a conversation. “Man, its hot, too hot! And the traffic! Food is shit here and the entrance fee is too much.” One of natures true wonders, a red canyon of rock formations soaring to the bright blue sky that goes on forever and all this guy can do is complain. Mike told his friends that he needed a pee and followed the old boy into the restroom….

The Road out of the park was hot and fast. Paul had gearbox issues again and suffered a moment attitude failure, starting to regret his choice of bike. Mike played the part of a caring friend, it seemed to work and Paul cheered up.

The constant pushing down of the dark forces was exhausting. Mike considered ending it all but no obliging vehicle came to ease the pain.

They found a full campsite. The only place to stay for miles. Paul read a sign that said that if all other sites were taken, it was OK to use the sites for the disabled.

There was a lovely little dusk ride into the nearest town where Paul asked the portly waitress “how big are the pizzas?” This made Mike laugh. Maybe he wouldn’t murder anyone tonight.