Hi! I’m Paul. Thanks for stopping by.

I was born in England but now live in Oakland California with my wife, Kimberly and dog, Bruno.

Now, I dont want to hear any nonsense about “how can you stand living in America with all those bloody Americans?”. Contrary to what most British people think, Americans and English are pretty much the same thing. Brits could stand to be a lot less pessimistic and yanks could stand to be a lot less ‘Trumpy’. Americans are good fun and pretty funny, my British boys are fucking hilarious and yes, the accent does make us funnier by far but, and it is a big one, the every day man on the street, or road for that matter, is a bit of a miserable basterd and there’s no denying it.

So while I am very proud to be a Monty Python loving, Blackadder reciting, tea drinking, Triumph riding English Bloke, I won’t stand for any yank bashing, it’s too easy and based entirely on the worst of the worst and like all stereotypes, just because it is funny and true, it is only true when it is and not when it isn’t, if you follow my meaning. So let’s just move along shall we, or I might be forced to bring up Esther Ranson, Brexit and Jimmy Saville.