Day 3 – Miles

Today was a more sedate experience than the previous two days. I woke up at a very lazy 7:45 and met up with the guys in the hotel restaurant for a nice hash breakfast with crap coffee and an enormous glass of orange, which I shared with Mike.

We loaded up the bikes and headed off, our destination a pre reserved campsite a few miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The ride today was a mile muncher. The roads, apart from a delightful section near the end of our journey with long sweeping bends through meadows of grazing deer and thick pine forest, were long and fairly heavily trafficked. We had a fair amount of freeway to cover today including a grueling few miles threw Las Vegas were I entertained the guys on the com with my rendition of Viva Las Vegas..

We had a stop at a gas station that was typically American and a couple of young good ole boy kids showed up on their two wheel rigs. It is nice ro see young guys on bikes, almost everyone else I see riding are silver tops.

As we started the ride into the Grand Canyon park, the terrain became wooded and the elevation began to climb. The temperature also dropped and we stopped to layer up.

As we slowed to pull into the campsite my gearbox jammed up and would only change between 5th and 6th. This happened on the first day as well and it is quite concerning. After a stop and rocking back and forth, I have been able to get the gears working again. I am not sure what this is about?

As we set up camp the temperature continued to plummet. I cooked up some pork chops and a mushroom, garlic and red pepper medley, this with a lively cesar salad made for fine fireside dining.

We sat by the fire talking story, for a few hours. I wanted to go to bed but the journey from the chair to the tent looked long and cold. I knew tonight would be a cold one.

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