Day 5 Bryce Canyon and Laughter

The bikes, the road, the scenery. There is more to a road trip like this. There is also the companionship and the fun. Bruvs and Bikes, right? And the people we meet along the way.

This morning started with much hilarity. Actually, the laughter has been a constant companion since day one as we get to know one another and find out how our humor compares. Inside jokes are the best. The joke that grows in its comedic value by the constant repitition. The hard part about this type of humor is that it can’t be easily shared outside the group. But this is my blog, my record.

There was a nice conversation on our first day with Mike about my daughter going to Hawaii for her grandmothers 80th birthday. “How old is she?”, “I think she is about 79”.

There was also the bar tender in Pahrump (I didn’t get a Pahrump out of that guy) who showed us how big the pizza would be by creating a circle with her fingers and holding it up to her surgically enhanced bosom. “I’m sorry how big is that pizza again?”

There are also the jokes about me dropping my bike on the trail that arise any time there is even a hint of gravel in a parking lot.

This mornings hilarity got very schoolboy as we talked about “throw away babies”. You know, like the first pancake! Obviously inappropriate, like schoolboys we giggled about it all morning in our com sets.

There was the antelope with the nice bum that put a little wiggle in her hips because we were watching. At least, we hoped it was a female because we are not gay.

At every tourist lookout along the road, if Mike sees someone taking a selfie, he offers to take a picture for them. I told one couple not to let him do it because all he does is takes a selfie of himself on their phone and gives it back to them.

Not to mention that Mike’s helmet size is XXL!

We sat at the table in the Outlaw Steakhouse this evening, I sat directly in front of the taxidermy grizzly. “Look guys, I have a bear behind”!

Perhaps funniest of all is my horn. My bike is fitted with an air horn, louder than is reasonable for a motorcycle. It is also fitted with a tank bag, a nice little bit of luggage strapped to the gas tank. Every time I park my bike and have to do a tight left turn, or I am backing into a parking space and maneuver my handlebars tightly to the left, the horn button hits the tank bag and a massive horn blast is delivered  to me, us, everyone in the vicinity. This shortly followed by me cursing and the boys laughing.

After Bryce Canyon we headed out for an afternoon ride along Highway 12. This scenery does not disappoint. Wide open views over the desert, tight twisty canyons, a high ridge with massive drop off on each side. A long stretch of road where the life essence of Marc Marquez was temporarily transported into Kris for a brief moment. I thought someone had stolen his bike and had to give chase. It didn’t last long.

Mike took some pretty cool choreographed footage of Kris and I riding formation through a lovely little canyon section.

All in all another top day.