Day 4 – The Sideshow

Considering that this trip is basically a desert trip, I have been extremely cold, a lot. Last night the temperature dropped to 10 below freezing (14 F) and it was a rough night. Sleep was hard to come by and every little movement exposed a different part of the body to the cold.

After a breakfast of coffee and fig bars we headed out into the Grand Canyon park.

I have an apology to make.

In an earlier blog, I referred to the Grand Canyon as a sideshow. The point I was making was that I was excited about the journey, not just the destination. Even so, to call the Grand Canyon a sideshow is to call King Kong a monkey, the Atlantic a puddle or Queen Elizabeth a nice old lady.

If you have been here you already know this, there is no photograph that can do it justice. If you haven’t been here, well… you really should.

We spent the day riding from spot to spot, checking out the various views. Every time I parked up and started walking toward the next Vista, I kept thinking, I have seen enough. Then I would look out over the vastness of the canyon and an hour would go by.

The human brain can’t really process the scope of this place. I think this is my third visit here and I am still shocked at the size of it all.

We headed out of the park, stopped to snap some pictures of a herd of bison and then rode out to our motel in Hatch, Utah. I took point for a little while and had a fantastic blast through some wonderful sweeping bends.

I am still having trouble with the gear box. Again, I called my boy Lawrence to go over my issue. He believes it is either a fault with the auto blipper or the guy operating it. He recommended using the clutch and letting the quick shifter have a rest. This seems to be working for now, hopefully that is all there is to it.